Who Is Ambika Mod? Netflix Series "One Day" Actress

Ambika Mod stars in Netflix's popular rom-com "One Day" series. Here's what we know about this beauty.

Who Is Ambika?

She is a British actress, writer & comedian known for her roles in various well-known TV series.

Where Did It All Start?

She discovered her acting and comedy career at Durham University, performing sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy.

Juggling Dreams

After graduation, she balanced her time by working as a personal assistant at Condé Nast during the day & doing comedy in the evenings.

Breakthrough Performance

In 2022, she got her first break in the miniseries "This Is Going to Hurt," playing a junior doctor named Shruti Acharya.

She recently starred as the lead actress in the Netflix series "One Day," delivering a charming & romantic plot, making it a satisfying choice for binge-watching.

Hot Topic

The series is based on David Nicholls' novel, following Emma & Dexter's evolving friendship, each centred around July 15 of different years.

What Is The Story Based On?

What's The Runtime?

There are 14 episodes, each lasting around half an hour, providing a rich and engrossing narrative.

Critics Corner

Critics highlight the series' portrayal of human emotions, offering a deep exploration of two individuals' feelings and relationships.

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