All New FUJIFILM INSTAX Pal Camera Launched In India

FUJIFILM India has launched the ultra-compact INSTAX Pal digital camera, celebrating their 25 years of successful operations in the Indian market.

Cute Little Pocket-Sized

The all-new Fujifilm InstaX Pal is so small that it fits snugly in pockets or purses, ready for spontaneous photo opportunities anytime, anywhere.

How To Use It?

It has simple and easy-to-use functionality, making it great for beginners and those who want a hassle-free experience while on vacation or other places.

Tangible Memories

 Instax Mini film produces credit-card sized prints, which offers tangible moments to share and treasure.

Print Perfection

Despite its small size, this printer is able to produce vivid and long-lasting prints that surpass those created digitally.

The camera has a selfie mirror, diverse shooting modes, and a remote shutter, adding fun and creativity to photographs.

Key Features

While not as high-resolution as digital cameras, the camera's appeal lies in instant printing and nostalgic beautification.

Provides Retro Charm

Who Can Use It?

It is ideal for beginner photographers, travel enthusiasts, and content creators to capture memories, festivities, and everyday occurrences with a personal touch.

How Much Does It Cost?

The InstaX Pal is priced at INR 10,999 in India, available in multiple colours too.

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