Agapi, a Women-Led Startup in Sikkim, Achieves Historic Milestone

Sikkim's women-led startup, Agapi, creates history with a remarkable achievement, showcasing empowerment and innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape.

About Agapi

It is a sustainable brand for curating its eco-conscious skincare line, crafted with locally-sourced Himalayan ingredients.


Recently, they secured contracts with prestigious hotels like JW Marriott and Taj Hotels, expanding their reach beyond the Northeast.

The brand launched in stores across North-East and West Bengal, making their products more accessible to a wider audience.

Making Accessible

Founder of Agapi, Rinzing Choden Bhutia, was featured in Vogue India for her entrepreneurship and sustainability commitment.

The Founder

India Beauty Awards

The brand is nominated for "Best Brand Emerging from the North-East" at the India Beauty Awards, demonstrating their growing influence in the region.

Enhancing Skills

They conduct free workshops on skincare production and business management, offering valuable skills and opportunities for growth.

Social Media Game

Agapi engages with its audience on social media websites, sharing content about products, sustainability, and Sikkim's culture.

What Do They Focus On?

It focuses on sustainable practices throughout their operations, minimizing their environmental footprint and promoting responsible sourcing.

Future Plans

With a recent $1 million infusion, Agapi plans to expand its product line by staying true to natural ingredients and ethical practices.

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