10 Fan-Favorite OTT Shows Signing Off in 2024

Say goodbye to these 10 beloved OTT shows ending in 2024. We'll miss these extraordinary characters & unforgettable storylines as they bid farewell.

Big Mouth (Netflix)

This adult animated sitcom concludes with a group of teens & their hormones, ending on a high note by wrapping up the characters' growth & journeys.

Elite (Netflix)

A Spanish teen drama thriller set in a private school in Spain. This seventh & last season is aimed to end the series with a dramatic conclusion, closing all character arcs.

Originally planned as a limited series, Andor ends in 2024 to maintain a tight, impactful narrative that might, might not lead into the Star Wars universe. Watch it to know!

Andor (Disney +)

Blue Bloods (Prime Video)

After a long & successful run of 14 seasons, this drama multi-generational family of cop show concludes to preserve its legacy & avoid story-line fatigue.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

A dysfunctional family of adopted siblings is expected to end with a gripping finale, resolving all loose ends for a spectacular conclusion.

You (Netflix

A psychothriller series that tells about a charming bookstore manager & serial killer comes to end with a promising end. Don't miss out!

Good Trouble (Prime Video)

This story follows two friends, Calie Adams & Mariana Foster, as they navigate adulthood in LA through adventures that is anticipated to have a meaningful end.

The Good Doctor (Netflix)

The beloved character of all time, Dr. Shaun Murphy from The Good Doctor, is ready to say goodbye, but will his journey come full circle or...

Young Sheldon (Netflix)

A spin-off prequel of an American sitcom also comes to an end, as Sheldon Cooper's story approaches the timeline of his older version in "The Big Bang Theory."

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