Underrated Indie Songs You Should Add In Your Playlist

Tired of EDM & Bollywood mashups? Check out these underrated Indie songs for your next gathering—maybe even impress your crush with them!

Mann | The Yellow Diary

Starring the upcoming artists Moses Koul & Tarini Shah, this deep, introspective song explores the complexities of the human mind with poetic lyrics.

Nahi Milta | Bayaan

A soulful track that captures the pain of unfulfilled desires of a lover with heartfelt lyrics.

This song explores the concept of time and its mysteries, combining calming vocals with lyrics that gives you nostalgia of things.

Waqt ki Baatein | Dream Note

Iraaday | Abdul Hannan & Rovalio

A captivating and uplifting song that inspires with its catchy rhythm, beautiful frames, & powerful message.

Ajnabee | Bhuvan Bam

Featuring humble Indian creator Bhuvan in a sad song about strangers & brief connections, with emotional singing & a catchy tune.

Our personal favourite! This is a dreamy song that delves into the world of dreams & aspirations with enchanting music & vocals.

Khwab | Iqlipse Nova & Aditya A

Ocean Tide | When Chai Met Toast 

A comforting and uplifting song about the ups & downs of life, featuring soft vocals & relaxing melodies.

Zakir | Naalayak

The singer Sahil Sameul known as Naalayak sung this beautiful song amidst the snow-capped hills, which blended perfectly with its vocals.

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