The better way to wear a garment is not just one and Dolly Jain is someone who will prove it to you. With the most intricate and sober ways to drape a saree, Dolly will take your heart away with surprising awe and the fact that this is how a skill can bring you all the way up.

“Dolly began her work as a hobby in Calcutta more than a decade ago. Since a tender age, she would dress up her dolls in the most exclusive ways. This hobby gradually paved a way for various creative contemporary silhouettes she churns out today. This facet of styling has made her work particularly relevant in the Indian fashion milieu, in present times.” as mentioned on her website.

When Dolly Jain discovered her love for design and styling a few years ago, her career as a saree draper officially began. She soon acquired the art of draping sarees in a variety of styles, exhibiting her talent and individuality. She had an acute eye for detail and an inherent sense of aesthetics.

With a passion to drape, Dolly has draped sarees for celebrities and made sure that be it, anyone, from celebrities to noncelebrities, she impresses with a skill to make anyone look beautiful.

The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre which is said to be the biggest cultural center in the country has a fashion exhibition where you can see different renditions of a saree. This lady has draped sarees beautifully over different mannequins and you can check them out over there.

Dolly Jain shares her knowledge and provides helpful insights into the world of saree draping through her Instagram account, which has amassed a sizable following. She frequently publishes images and videos showing off her amazing draping abilities, exhibiting the various looks and variations that can be produced with a saree. Her posts not only motivate her fans but also act as a how-to manual for anyone curious about saree draping. 

She has a sizable fan base and is a favorite of celebs thanks to her flawless draping abilities. Dolly Jain has had the honor of working with well-known actors from the Indian film industry as well as other notable individuals, assisting them in looking their best for formal occasions, red-carpet events, and photo shoots.

Bridal Looks for Celebrities

Kiara Ali Advani

Natasa Stankovic

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Vicky and Nayanthara

Maanvi Gagroo

She is an expert in draping sarees for brides and in the recent hit outfits, Dolly dolled up Gigi Hadid too!

Gigi Hadid

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Nita Ambani, and more are celebrities other than brides who she has made look beautiful nevertheless.

“After everyone in my family started applauding my talent, I decided to conduct a workshop for the women in the neighborhood. One of these women was from Raipur, who later invited me to hold a similar workshop in her city,” she mentioned in an interview.

Dolly also has her own label I am Dolly Jain which sells saree shapewear.

Her brand is taking the draping saree experience to another level by making sure that when you wear the saree, you do it without a problem of a petticoat. Content creator Komal Pandey has been seen flaunting the D’ Coat in one of her videos.

She has also won several awards and has made it to the list of Record Books like Limca Book of Records and Book of World Records. She won the Pride of Bengal award and many others too.

Dolly’s work is truly commendable and you can learn the different ways of draping a saree, dupatta, or anything possible through her Instagram and YouTube channel where she tells how to wear and carry it with grace effortlessly.

The career of celebrity saree draper Dolly Jain is proof of the strength of expertise and dedication. She has raised the saree to new heights via the art of drapery, turning it into a mark of refinement and beauty. Numerous people are still motivated by her influence to appreciate Indian fashion’s rich tradition while also adding their own distinctive touches.

I loved exploring her page, hope you’ll love it too! Do check out her content for amazing inspiration. Kudos to the artist for her beautiful art that defines culture in the most amazing way.