Social media is a global stage where entertainment takes centre stage. With one video, an individual can touch new heights of stardom. Recently, the dance reel of the versatile Bollywood actor, Vicky Kaushal, set the internet on fire, captivating millions of hearts. In this dance reel, Vicky Kaushal is seen dancing to the beats of Obsessed and I don’t know whether we are obsessed or possessed with those moves. 

The song ‘Obsessed’

Obsessed is the latest Punjabi song that has been ruling the charts and hearts for some time now. It is sung by well-known artists Riar Saab and Abhijay Sharma. Premiered on 1st May 2023, the song was released independently on Riar Saab’s Youtube channel and has 10 million views.

Vicky Kaushal and Obsessed

 In the virtual realm of dance challenges and choreographed movements, Vicky Kaushal records reels and has effortlessly carved his niche. The Obsessed dance video was first uploaded on his Instagram account and has 50.7 million views on it. The actor’s infectious energy, innate rhythm, and the sheer joy of dancing have captivated viewers. 

Vicky Kaushal Dancing to Obsessed
Moon light

The dance reel was loved beyond measure and when Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan were in Delhi to promote their film Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, the fans requested him to perform on Obsessed.

Humble Vicky Kaushal could not refuse his fans and soon his movements resonated with the viewers who could not contain their excitement. A fan, Garima Sharma, posted the video on her Instagram account and since then, there is no stopping the video. Close to 4.8 million people have liked the video and 600K people have shared the video. Vicky’s Co-star Sara Ali Khan is also seen being mesmerised by his dance moves.

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Vicky Kaushal and His Reels

This is not the first time Vicky has been “obsessed” with a song and seen giving an impromptu performance. The actor often posts videos vibing to songs and shares them on his social media. These videos often go viral. One key factor behind the dance reels’ virality is Vicky Kaushal’s authenticity. He embraced his natural self, effortlessly swaying to the beats without any pretence or fear of judgement. The universal language of dance broke down barriers and united diverse communities through Vicky Kaushal’s reel. Some of our top favourites from his jamming/dancing sessions-


The song Angels by Harjot Dhaliwal and Intense was a popular Punjabi song that received immense love. Our artist Vicky Kaushal of course could not stop himself from grooving to it. His happiness can be seen in the video and his fans cannot stop gushing at his cuteness.

Tu kisi Rail si

Vicky Kaushal’s debut film Masaan is a gem of Bollywood cinemas that will always remain a classic. Through its popular song Tu kisi Rail si, Vicky expressed his gratitude for all the love he received in the film and we must say, there could not have been a better way of doing it.

Purple Hat

Purple Hat by Sofi Tukker is another song Vicky Kaushal posted a video on. He effortlessly matched the energy of the song, leaving his audience in deep admiralty. We are thankful over the fact that Vicky did not delete the video, as he mentioned in the caption, otherwise, our hearts would’ve been shattered into a million pieces.

Beyond Vicky Kaushal’s success, the Obsessed dance reel has had a ripple effect in the entertainment industry. It has now transformed into a trending audio where everybody is using it. Vicky Kaushal’s dance reel going viral is a testament to the power of social media in propelling talent to unprecedented heights. It not only showcased Kaushal’s magnetic charm and dancing prowess but also served as a reminder of the joy that art can bring to people’s lives.