India is a multilingual country where people are sentimentally attached to their language. Thanks to the widespread network towers, the Internet is now accessible even in remote villages increasing the consumption of social media content manifolds. Thereby sticking to only a few languages created a vacuum which was diligently filled by Vernacular content creators, especially by YouTubers. 

YouTube has been one of the most important social media platforms. It gave us Indians our first complete experience of the social world. From being the entertainment anchor, soon YouTube became the go-to tool to learn new information. 

Vernacular Youtubers


This development allowed my individuals to showcase their talents in different fields. To add to it, YouTube did not ask for much and gave you the world, literally. With minimum investment, one could build huge palaces of fame. 

Today, we will speak about four regional content creators from different fields who created a niche for themselves in their regional language, giving the vernacular language-speaking crowd their share of content. 

Madhura Bachal 

Madhura Bachal runs a YouTube channel named Madhuras recipe. She is followed by 6.9 Million subscribers for her authentic recipes as well as fusion delights. She speaks Marathi and majorly makes food videos from Marathi cuisine. Her drool-worthy recipes are simple to make with easily sourced recipes. 

She releases a new video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is her consistency that delights her audience. Owing to her huge fan following, Madhura has authored my cookbooks and has also partnered with big brands including Maggi and Dabur.

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Madan Gowri

Madan Gowri is another regional YouTuber whose videos are appreciated by a large number of people. With a subscriber count of 6.71 Million people, Mr Gowri makes content in Tamil. He makes informational videos on various subjects including, history, know-how, entertainment, environment, women’s safety, etc. 

Madan Gowri is famously known for taking up complicated issues and simplifying them for his audience. He makes his explanation fun and easily understandable which justifies his large following. He is also known for his unbiased opinion, presenting both sides of the story in a fair manner.

Kiran Dutta

Kiran Dutta, famously known by his YouTube channel name, The Bong Guy is a YouTube who makes content in the Bengali language. He also has touched the million mark and has 3.8 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is known for his hilarious video which leaves his audience in a laughter riot.

Kiran is popular for roasting old Bengali serials and their characters. He also does sketch comedy and has a melodious voice. He has collaborated with big industry names such as ZEE, Tinder, Gillette, etc.

Dimpu Baruah

Dimpu Baruah is a Youtuber who creates tech videos for his audience in Assamese. He simplifies complex procedures into simple mechanisms and explains them in a very easy-to-understand language. With a loyal follower base of 1.79 Million subscribers, Dimpu was able to raise large sums of money for the Assam Flood Relief Program.

Dimpu Baruah visits local electronic markets and stores to create authentic content for his viewers. He also does unboxing videos of the latest gadgets and reviews them for the people. Many mobile features which go unnoticed by common people are identified by him, which he later explains with mastery.