In a heartwarming collaboration, Mars Petcare, a prominent player in the pet care and nutrition industry, has teamed up with Bollywood actor and devoted dog dad, Varun Dhawan. The partnership marks a significant milestone as Varun Dhawan becomes the first Indian brand ambassador for Pedigree India, a flagship brand under Mars Petcare. Together, they aim to champion the well-being of pets and stress the importance of providing our furry companions with 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

The Cricket-Themed Ad: A Playful Start

At the outset of this partnership, Pedigree launched a captivating cricket-themed digital ad film on Disney+ Hotstar. Crafted by the creative minds at 22feet Tribal Worldwide, the ad takes viewers on a delightful journey of playful banter between Varun Dhawan and a charming Pedigree dog while watching a cricket match. The film’s centrepiece is the dog’s surprising display of strength and agility, with the revelation that Pedigree is the source of its vitality. This heartwarming ad sets the stage for the larger mission both the brand and Varun Dhawan are embarking on.

A Shared Commitment to Pet Nutrition

Salil Murthy, Managing Director of MARS Petcare India, underscores the significance of nutrition for pets and responsible pet parenting. He emphasises that Mars Petcare recognises the shift in how pet parents view their pets’ nutrition. He states, “We are committed to providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition with Pedigree.” This commitment lies at the core of their partnership with Varun Dhawan and their shared goal of promoting pet well-being.

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Tailored Nutrition for Dogs

The ad film serves as a reminder of the unique nutritional requirements of dogs compared to humans. Dogs need a specific blend of nutrients to thrive, which may not be met by typical homemade meals. Pedigree steps in to bridge this nutritional gap, offering consistent, well-rounded nutrition tailored to various life stages, activity levels, and growth requirements. With 37 vital nutrients in its formulations, Pedigree ensures that dogs receive the precise nutrients essential for optimal health.

Varun Dhawan for Pedigree India


Varun Dhawan: A Passionate Advocate

Varun Dhawan, a proud dog owner himself, shares his excitement about the partnership and the cause. He states, “Ensuring that pets eat right is important, given the profound impact they have on our lives. This commitment to their well-being is an honour to champion alongside a brand that is genuinely dedicated to delivering 100% complete and balanced meals.

A Proven Record of Pet Well-being

This collaboration is just one of Mars Petcare’s initiatives to enhance the lives of pets. The brand has previously driven category conversions through innovative campaigns, such as the Pedigree 6-week challenge, which garnered participation from celebrities like Shikhar Dhawan, Yuzvendra Chahal, Dhanashree, Dinesh Karthik, and Dipika Pallika. These efforts underscore Mars Petcare’s unwavering dedication to promoting pet well-being and nutrition.

Mars Petcare’s partnership with Varun Dhawan for Pedigree India marks a heartwarming endeavour to raise awareness about the importance of complete and balanced nutrition for pets. The cricket-themed ad film captures the essence of this mission, with Varun Dhawan and the loveable Pedigree dog sharing playful moments while emphasising Pedigree’s role in ensuring pets receive the nutrition they need. Together, they are on a mission to make the world a better place for pets, fostering responsible pet parenting and delivering top-notch nutrition for our furry companions.