Instagram’s @Creators shared “How the Ranking Algorithm Works on Explore” three days ago. Being different from Feed and Stories, Explore was designed to show a new set of recommendations. The rank discovery is based on our interests. Creators are often confused about how the algorithm works. So, Instagram’s effort to make us understand this whole aspect is truly noteworthy!

Now, let’s get into details. Shall we?

Information About The Post

In Explore, it matters how quickly your post is becoming popular. This popularity is counted in terms of likes, comments, shares, and saves. From these signals, information is gathered.

History of Interaction

Your posts might be shared by someone unknown. But if you have interacted with the person previously, it helps in ideating your level of interest in their shared posts.

Your Activity

All your interactions with previous posts in terms of liking, commenting, saving, and sharing are also driving factors of the algorithm.

Information About The Person

Details like the number of people interacting with the person of any particular posts in the past few weeks help in discovering new content among a wide range of people.  

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram shared the dynamics of how the Instagram algorithm and ranking works. He touched on topics like the algorithm, ranking Feed and Stories, ranking Explore, ranking Reels, shadow banning, and influencing your experience. For more information, tap HERE! Also, check out What You Need to Know About Instagram’s Upcoming Features.