In order to provide Twitterati with more creativity around posts and tweets, Twitter is reported to be testing a new text tool on the platform. The options will involve more creative options for the users to play around with the tweet text.

Twitter tests new creative tweet tool
Source: Twitter

Currently, Twitter users are allowed to tweet Gifs, Spaces, Photos/Videos, and Text Tweet options. Inside the text tweet, the 180 characters are directly posted as plain text on a user’s feed. With the new creative tweet feature, they will be able to deck up and convert the plain text into a visually aesthetic tweet to grab attention. The tweets will have the potential to stand out and attain easy discoverability.

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The option offers color, text alignment, bold, saturation, and add-on visual options. The now deactivated fleet on Twitter enabled users with these features as is available on the ‘Stories’ section of different apps like Instagram and Snapchat. With the new tests and updates, Twitter aims to amp up the creative quotient on the platform by making users discover new features and explore tweet tools.

Primarily focused on shaping the platform in an upbeat visual place, Twitter has rolled out a larger visual format layout on the Explore tab and quote tweet with reactions feature earlier. They begin to animate and expand, showing a new test that will display Tweets and media edge to edge, across the width of the timeline to give them more room to shine.

In other news, Twitter has also put into implementation critical users feedback by adding edge-to-edge between two tweets on the timeline. The bug was solved in order to give more room for user photos, GIFs, and videos. The feature was been tested in September this year and is now live on the platform.

Twitter also informed that it has updated the feature on Android to test more space between Tweets on the timeline.