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Twitter has rolled out a new feature for all the creators out there with Super Followers where it allows users to host spaces that can only be joined by followers who have paid or super followers. These new exclusive Spaces feature targets Super Followers, who until now, had only one advantage over regular followers and that is – ‘exclusive tweets‘. But, now they will also have a dedicated place that only Super Followers can attend, allowing creators to host a smaller, more personal Space.

Twitter- Super Follower only Spaces

Twitter’s rolling out a new subscriber-only element to help creators build their in-app communities, with Super Follower only Spaces that is now available for selected creators that offer subscriptions. This new feature is Twitter Spaces + Super Follows smashed together.

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As you can see in the screenshot below, the new ‘Super Followers-only Spaces‘ can be easily differentiated as they have a different color palette for the link, with a note at the top that it’s a ‘Super Followers only’ broadcast. That could be a good way to help build your subscriber base, as the exclusive Spaces can only see the preview, and also keep a close watch on who is tuning in, which would result in a strong enticement and give opportunities for them to sign up.

Users that want Super Follows can sign themselves for set a monthly subscription where the cost would be between $2.99 and $9.99 a month, with Twitter taking a small percentage of each transaction. And It’s reasonably low-cost if you have followers that are highly engaged in what you have to say already.

Super Followers

Super Follower Spaces plays a major part as it lures creators to maximize their subscribers on Twitter. Giving the subscribers a new option to “offer an extra layer of conversation to their biggest supporters”.

Creators can start a Super-Follows-only Space by selecting the “Only Super Followers can join” button when they start a new Space. This Space will be visible to all the creator’s followers but they will not be able to actress it unless they subscribe.

Super Follows-only Spaces’ is available on both iOS and Android. Super Followers can attend these exclusive spaces and partake in conversations with other like-minded followers. You can also access a Super Space-only Followers event via a browser but you cannot say anything.

An embedded Twitter video from the official account showcases how it works. Creators can create a Twitter space and then select the option to host it only for their Super Followers. It gives them a better medium to connect with the audience that loves and relates to them. Although Twitter creators are surely excited about the new feature, some believe that Twitter Spaces doesn’t have that charm. In addition, one user even suggested hosting a Discord server over ‘Super Follows-only Spaces.’