Laughing till your stomach hurts and having tears streaming down your face are the two side effects associated with a large dose of comedy by The Fanny Club– the people who have changed the face of Indian comedy.

The Fanny Club? Not heard of it? Don’t worry! We have got you covered … ‘The Fanny Club’ brings you a content explosion of comedy!

The exclusive cluster of unlimited laughter: Shantanu Rangnekar, Tejas Gaikwad, Nilraj Kadam, and Nikhil Dhadwe.

Comedy plays a very important medium of providing the most important emotion of our life; happiness, and it helps the mind to stay positive. Not a very long time back, comedy was not even considered a career option by many people. But now it has gained immense recognition.

Through this blog, we aim to tell you about the different forms of comedy.

Shantanu Rangnekar

Shantanu Ragnekar had a keen interest in acting from a very young age, and during his school days, he always took the initiative to take part in various skits and plays and took on different roles every time to explore his capability to do diverse acting styles.

Due to his unique acting skills, he met a perfect opportunity which helped him to land his very first big move – ‘Champions‘. In addition to this movie, he has acted in several documentaries based on social awareness.

As acting was an uncertain field he decided to continue his studies and nevertheless hopped into the advertising world as a full-time career. But as he was passionate about acting, he couldn’t continue a desk job for long and decided to take a hop into the digital world and started creating reels.

Today Shantanu has worked with many big companies such as Filter Copy, and Dice Media. Shantanu is working on two TVCs for his latest work and is moving ahead aiming to continue his betterment in acting.

Tejas Deepak Deepti Gaikwad

Taking a dive into Tejas Gaikwad‘s life – he started his content creation journey in 2020 when the world was induced by the lockdown. Tejas belongs to a family with a music background, and he himself was a full-fledged tabla player before getting his hands on comic skits.

Tejas’s family has always been very supportive of all the decisions he took, but being a total outsider to the industry of the acting field, it took him a lot of time to portray and display his acting skills online. He used to watch theatre from a young age and slowly and steadily developed a deep interest in it. He started by sharing his clips first on TikTok, which soon after got banned so he shifted his medium of posting to Instagram as Reels.

The first viral video that took social media by storm was a video with his mom and it resulted to be a burst of motivation and gave him a push to start creating content regularly and gave his level best acting displaying his unique skills.

Tejas Gaikwad is a phenomenon rising in India’s Instagram content creation. He is well known for his satirical skits and responses to various trending topics.

Nilraj Kadam

Nilraj Kadam is a name we all recognize and are familiar with because of his content ruling all over the Instagram Explore page. He creates static content for his profile- ‘signboard wala‘ and on his other profile – nirlajjjj where he creates a relatable reel.

His undying love for acting started back in his school and college time. He completed his graduation from BMM and opted for a 9-5 job where he used to handle brand and influencers partnership deals. But soon he realized that his heart belonged to creating fun and entertaining content which gave him access to displaying his acting skills after a lot of contemplation he left the job in 2021 and started creating content as a full-timer.

Until one day when he decided to randomly text Shantanu putting his query if he would want to work as a team. They decided to meet and very soon they all enjoyed each other’s company and vibe and took the decision to create content together.

He creates a daily dose of laughter content and nevertheless everyone can relate to it more because of his on-spot comic timings.

Nikhil Dhadwe

Nikhil Dhadwe loves acting and has worked in theaters when he was still in college and later was given the opportunity to work in a Mumbai production – Mithak.

He has been awarded as the best actor, outstanding actor, and best acting. He was firm with his decision of acting and gave numerous auditions and sent multiple emails pitching to enter the industry. Due to lockdown being induced he got motivated to create reels and create a boom in the digital media.

Well, Nikhil is a real crowd-pleaser that has followers across the world to spread love. Today his Instagram account is a renowned comic video platform, especially among the youngsters.

His videos have been a viral hit and have gained immense popularity because of the content he delivers. He delivers roast and rant videos in Hindi, and he delivers them in a unique style with varied expressions.

They made a benchmark with their – Fanny Pack Generation‘hai na bro’ which resulted in them deciding on their group Name ‘The Fanny Club

The Fanny Club – resembles and gives a reference to the personality of all four of them. They are often found wearing the fanny bag and the same holds a special place in their heart and they are emotional about that. Before they decided and finalized the name, their followers already associated them with Fanny and often asked questions related to that.

They are not just a team that has been formed just for making content but now have turned into brothers and we wish them All the very best for their future content endeavors.