Are you all of a sudden noticing a lot more accounts in your Twitter feed? This is because Twitter increased its tweet recommendations for a huge number of people today.

So you’re going to see more tweets in your feed based on things like:

  • Interests based on tweet activity
  • Topics you follow
  • Tweets you’ve engaged with
  • Tweets people in your network like
  • People followed by people you follow

There is a ton of potential for increased exposure here, and Twitter wants to keep users in the app for as long as possible in order to boost interaction, which these recommendations should ideally enable.

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It’s comparable to how Facebook and Instagram are now presenting users with more AI-based content recommendations. It works as a source to put emphasis on promoting the most pertinent content for each user, which isn’t necessarily related to social networks.

Previously, social networking served as the determining factor, which gave Facebook a significant advantage.

However, there has been a greater shift towards entertainment over social interaction in recent years, which expands the potential to show each user more interesting content from a much wider range of sources.

Though conceptually it depends heavily on the platform algorithms’ ability to effectively match your interests with the finest content. Based on your viewing history, TikTok is excellent at identifying your expressed likes and dislikes.

In my experience, Twitter‘s suggested subjects are almost never relevant, and even when they are, the tweets that are highlighted are frequently off-topic, dull, or even simply odd.