As part of Elon Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” reformation plan, Twitter has now made its Community Notes tweet context indicators available to all users worldwide.

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Although Twitter claims that additional contributors from other regions will soon be able to contribute notes to tweets, as of right now, only users residing in the US can make Community Notes attached to tweets.

As per Twitter:

“People everywhere can now see and rate notes, helping to ensure notes are helpful to those from a wide range of views. You can see notes that are currently rated helpful and showing on Twitter here. If you don’t see them yet, don’t fret, it’s in the process of rolling out.”

Community Notes, formerly known as “Birdwatch,” was first introduced by Twitter in January of last year in an effort to broaden its efforts to prevent false information in tweets.

As you can see in this illustration, contributors, who are authorized individuals within the Twitter community, can add contextual notes to tweets that may include potentially deceptive information.

Users are informed of the additional information by an indicator that appears in-stream for tweets that contain these remarks.

The idea is that by letting the Twitter community provide notes on tweets, Twitter will be able to take a more hands-off approach to moderation because “the people” will get to decide what is and is not acceptable via crowdsourced notes and not Twitter’s own team, as is currently the case.