Makeup and beauty influencer Rajiv Bhowmick is a Kolkata-based professional makeup artist. He loves to create content in this niche, as it’s his passion. He has a total fanbase of 122K followers on Instagram and is bubbling for more reach.  From glam looks to Arabic eyes, he has a lot of experience in this field.

Have a look at Rajiv Bhowmick’s top 22 inspiring and creative makeup looks:

  1. Pride Makeup
  1. Pride Work
  1. Pride Look
  1. Gemstone Scull
  1. Colour Play
  1. 100K Inspired
  1. Butterfly & Rainbow Inspired
  1. Cloudy Eyes
  1. Peacock Inspired
  1. Radhe Krishna
  1. Robot Emoji
  1. Heart Emoji
  1. Half Moon Emoji
  1. Lotus Emoji
  1. Neon Pinch with Glitter
  1. Pinkish Neon Look
  1. Smoky Eyes
  1. Neon Blue-Black Scull
  1. Serpent Inspired
  1. Merman
  1. Human Face as Mask
  1. Christmas Look

So, these were the top looks created by Rajiv, and I’m sure you’re endlessly impressed with his makeup skills. With the power of brush, any look is possible. Makeup is more and more embraced outside the confines of gender biases. With beauty influencers like Rajiv, this has become possible, and for that, we should be thankful. Even though they face criticism from some narrow-minded people, they continue to create content without any stops. It’s only because makeup is their passion, and still remains so.