After the release of BTS’ ‘Butter’, the track is at #1 on India’s International Music Chart this week. Also, it’s the fourth consecutive week for the song to be at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Isn’t that great news? K-Pop songs have been taking over the Indian music industry quite rapidly. The BTS army must be so happy with this amazing record! To celebrate this I’ve arranged something for you all that will make you groove. 

Here are the top 10 dance reels on ‘Butter’:

1. Shantanu Maheshwari

2. Priyam Yonzon

3. Mahima Yadav

4. Nava Rose

5. Janvi

6. Aynab Zaidi

7. Jodi Anoorabh

8. Kanka Das

9. Abhishek Sethwar

10. Matt Steffanina

Here’s another version of Matt’s ‘Butter’ edition:

Check out his YouTube choreography on the track with ‘thewilliamsfam’:

So, these were some of the best Instagram reels on ‘Butter’ that got so many views and likes. Apart from dancing, creators have added elements of makeup and styling in the same reel that grabs attention easily. Undoubtedly, it’s eye-catching! By the way, did you like Matt’s choreography? That was my li’l surprise for all the BTS fans. Hope you enjoyed it! Also, don’t stop tapping your feet on this cool track. If you want to know more additional details, go through ‘Butter’ by BTS is #1 on Trending for Music on YouTube.