Instagram’s wonderchild Threads has been in the spotlight since the very beginning. From gaining users at a lightning-fast speed to challenging Twitter, a well-established text-based social media platform, the buzz around Threads has been very loud. To keep adding fuel to the fire, the executive at Threads has been incorporating new updates and features as users feel a lack of them. This not only has kept the popularity of the social media app steady but also has helped Threads build a reputation among its users that the app will be changed and modified to offer the utmost convenience to its users. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s Head, has announced a new range of features for the app, including the edit option and following tab feature. Let us delve into how these features will improve the functionality of the app and what more lies in store for Threads.

Edit and Following Tab for Threads

20 Minutes

The Edit Button

Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, recently announced a range of new features for the platform. One of these features included the edit option. This feature will allow Threads users to edit the post even after one has posted it. This indeed is a blessing in disguise especially for those who cannot wait to express themselves and end up with a few typos, that sometimes might kill the essence of the post. The edit option, however, will be rolled out in a few weeks. 

Edit option along with following Tab will be rolled out for Threads


The Following Tab

Threads soon will have a ‘Following Tab’ that will allow users to see the posts of people they follow. Whenever somebody from the followers list posts something on their Threads account, those people who follow the account can see it on their Following tab. The Following tab will be very similar to Instagram’s feed where we get to see the posts of those whom we are following. 

Following tab and edit feature for Threads


Currently, on Threads, users can see posts from various accounts, which has helped the accounts on the social media platform increase their engagement rate. This might drop once the following tab has been introduced to the application. Adam Mosseri commented on similar lines, stating, “We’ve got to build a following feed over the next couple weeks, but I do think a lot of why people are getting so much engagement right now is because you don’t need to follow a bunch of people in order to discover a bunch of new accounts in feed.” This might impact brands and public figures who seek more engagement on the platform. 

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The Translation feature

Adam Mosseri also commented on an additional feature for the text-based social media platform. He mentioned the introduction of the translation feature for Threads which will allow users to transcribe text on the post in a more familiar and universal language like English. This will help erase boundaries between users and connect them through a common language. However, the Translation option, also like the Edit and Following Tab option is still in the nascent stage of development and will need a few weeks time before it is rolled out for users across the globe. 

Translate to be available on Threads


The immediate updates

Apart from the upcoming features, Threads plans on fixing the bugs and keeping the application more functional in the coming week. At the same place, Adam Mosseri stated “We’re working on it, but the next week is all about getting rid of bugs and keeping the lights on…”

These realistic and timely updates from the Instagram topline have been welcomed by the users as they keep the users in loop of what has been planned and executed for the social media platform. This also gives a sense of belonging to the users as their voices are being heard and acted upon. 

The recent big update

Recently, Instagram rolled out the new web version of Threads which allowed users to access the application through desktop. Threads made this announcement on its official account on Instagram through a series of posts including a hilarious meme and a video of the new feature. This feature was one of the most requested features since Threads came into force.

Though Threads is considered to be the strongest competition for Twitter, Adam Mosseri thinks otherwise. He has stated that these two apps cater to different kinds of audiences and each kind of user enjoys it separately. For us, Twitter, now X, and Threads have been able to create an exclusive niche for themselves. While Twitter keeps us updated with socio-political news, Threads helps us understand generic thought processes. 

With new updates pouring in like confetti, we can’t wait to try all of these features and enjoy Threads even better than before.