The Good Doctor is an American medical drama series which is backed by Sony Pictures and ABC Signature. The 6 seasons show was recently renewed for its seventh season which is expected to release in the Autumn months of 2023. The previous season 6 was released in October 2022 and is available on Hulu. While the other 5 seasons are available on multiple platforms including Amazon Prime Video. The show was recently trolled brutally on Twitter.

The Good Doctor Twitter Meme
Luciano Costa Moretto

The Good Doctor Takes Over Twitter

The Good Doctor recently trended on Twitter and going by the looks of it, it is not for a good reason. A clip from the series, from their ‘Breakdown’ episode is doing rounds on Twitter where the protagonist Dr Shaun Murphy played by Freddie Highmore is seen teary-eyed while talking to his adversary Dr Jackson Han played by Daniel Dae Kim.

Dr Shaun Murphy, affected by the savant syndrome Autism, is a naturally gifted medical practitioner at the fictional San Jose St Bonaventure Hospital. While confronting Dr Han, who excludes him from surgery, Dr Murphy has a breakdown and tells Dr Han “I am a Surgeon.”

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This clip of Dr Murphy telling “I am a Surgeon” has now resurfaced on Twitter and has become a meme fest. The scene is an awful representation of autism and the internet world is not very subtle about it. They have severe backlashes for the show for showing autism in an inappropriate manner.

Our favourite Twitter Take for “I am a Surgeon”

Social media, especially, Twitter can undeniably be a brutal force. The snowball effect multiples the situation many times and just like that, the trend keeps getting bigger and bigger. The same happened with this “I am a Surgeon” scene. Even though we feel bad for taking a scene out of its context, we surely cannot stop laughing at people’s creativity. While some replace Surgeon with “Strugeon,” some added the SpongeBob version of it. The Twitter fam does not shy away from adding laser eyes and hallucinogenic effects on the poor Dr Murphy too. Let’s go to Hell together for laughing at these.

While Twitter users also troll the bad representation of autism.

The Countermovement 

There are many loyal fans of the series who have come forward to defend the show for its hilarity. They feel the clip of the show is seen out of context, making the show either insensitive or overly sentimental. 

While the show is deeply rooted in sentiments and emotions experienced by Dr Murphy in his journey, they can be better understood after watching the show as a whole. 

With the earnest approach of fans to revive the glory of The Good Doctor, once it has leaked from its dedicated fan club, the spiralling cannot really be stopped. 

The season forward

As the experts say, good or bad, publicity is publicity. The show makers are definitely hopeful of the meme fest translating into numbers for the show. This can prove to be good news for the series as only recently a series renewal has been announced, preparing for Season 7.

The story in Season 7 will pick up from where Season 6 concluded. The marriage of Shaun and Lea and their experience as first-time parents will definitely be the central theme of Season 7. We are also hoping to see more of the connection between Dr Shaun and Dr Schiff. We are also predicting Dr Glassmna’s health and its impact on St Bonaventure Hospital will also enjoy screen time in the upcoming season.

While The Good Doctor took the internet by storm, it can be both good news and bad news for the series. Stay tuned as we update you all on how this unfolds.