The society in which we live today is greatly influenced by technology. Search engines are among the instruments that have fundamentally changed how we access and use information. From scientific discoveries to renowned personalities to recipes from around the world, you can access a universe of information at the click of a button.

Google has positioned itself as the one-stop shop for everything you wish to know about under the sun. It is the go-to search engine for the majority population across the world. Apart from its web browser, Google is equally popular for its marketing campaigns. The brand always seems to find a way to promote its apps and features creatively and effortlessly. And this time it’s their literal main feature – the “search” feature.

google india search history questions yeh kisne dhoonda

Google has captivated the country’s interest with its new brand campaign called “Yeh Kisne Dhoonda?” They have been everywhere, on social media and on billboards, with some random search history results on display. The brand is then asking the public to guess who must have searched for the answers to these questions by asking “Yeh Kisne Dhoonda?” Everyone is engaging with these posts trying to guess who it could be.

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The Campaign

This campaign showcases the brand team’s extensive research about the many topics and genres they have covered. What began with movie stars and sports celebrities references, went on to OTT characters, and even viral, pop-culture moments. For example, an outdoor digital advertisement had these search history results displayed with the question, “Yeh Kisne Dhoonda? – raama chole bhature, cricket coaching in paschim vihar, cheeku meaning.” Now, this is an easy one, we all know it’s Virat Kohli. But there were some brain-scratching ones too like these:

Google intrigued the content creators as well! While some got it right and some, well, they got a bit… delusional. Let’s take a look:

Komal Pandey

When Google shared the search history results – “phat meaning, how to be your own favourite, and mumbai to bathinda train,” Komal knew immediately that it was about her favourite Kareena Kapoor Khan. She styled three iconic looks for each question – Poo from K3G, the desi Geet, and running-to-catch-the-train Geet from Jab We Met.

Srishti Garg

The delulu queen that she is when Srishti saw Google’s billboard with the search queries, “mujhe ghar jaana hai, how to become student of the year, and how to get my cat’s attention,” she was confident it was about her. Now a true fan would know that the answer is Alia Bhatt. But Srishti also gave reasons like how her social battery is always low and she just wants to go home, the fact that she finished her degree is worthy of being called SOTY, and how everyone gives her attention except her building cat.

Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu just aces his “typical Delhi influencer” character. In the reel, his brother Govind comes to tell him that Google wants to collab with Vishnu and shows him a picture of the billboard. “goat meaning, do you know…, paanch tara near me” is what it said. Vishnu believes it was a dedication to him by Google and proceeds to have a hilarious conversation with the manager. But we know it’s Diljit!

Ankita Sahigal

In her signature character, Ankita is seen asking her husband ‘Rishu’ some absurd questions related to their married life at 3 am, in the reel. She then remembers the Google billboard she saw and asks him if he knows “Yeh Kisne Dhoonda?” The search history was “rasode mein kaun tha, best washing powder for laptop.” She then proceeds to indulge in a sarcastic banter with Rishu about not being like Gopi bahu.

P.S. Rathour

While traveling on the streets of the city, P.S Rathour noticed the Google billboard with some search queries displayed. It said “sarson ke khet near me, how many k’s does kiran have, arm spreading exercise.” He took a different take on this. Given that this Google ad was talking about Shah Rukh Khan‘s most iconic character ‘Raj from DDLJ,’ he decided to honour the Jawan star. The amazing doodle artist created an artwork based on queries related to the ones on the billboard like – “who has the best hair in bollywood, how to be a romantic hero, cool necklace shop online, cycle rickshaw chase sequences, train tickets to Chennai, how to coach a hockey team, celebrities who are gamers.” P.S. Rathour covered many of SRK’s blockbuster movies with his art.


In the reel, Shyam is seen annoying Dhruv with too many questions. He then notices Google’s billboard and both start deciphering who this could be. The ad had search queries like “best physics teacher in kota, where is phulera, kya main beer hu.” The Funcho gang got the answer but did not reveal it, urging their followers to take a guess.

Do you think you can guess who searched all of these questions? Let Google and us know how many you got right!