Social media is constantly evolving, and with it comes a myriad of funny trends that capture the attention and humour of users worldwide. The latest trend that has caught the internet like the flu is the ‘char log trend’ This amusing social media trend has brought laughter to countless screens with its relatability and its deep-rooted cultural significance.

We call it a culturally rooted trend because we Indians have a profound love for the number “char.” “Char din ki zindagi hai” meaning life is short and should be lived to the fullest to “4 kitabien padhli, ab 4 paise bhi kamalo” which can be translated to now that you’ve garnered the necessary skills, it is high time to become independent and financially stable. The most popular and absolute favourite in Indian households, “char log kya kahenge?” which means what will society think of us if we end up doing something stupid? 

Char log Trend and Marketing Strategy of Just Fence

This char log kya karenge is a powerful weapon in the hands of Indian parents to bar their children from doing anything the parents do not approve of. While the earlier saying was a way to stop people from doing certain things, the new trend finds its basis in it.

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Char log Trend and Marketing Strategy of Virtual Binz

Using the age-old Indian sentiment, this trend ridicules the stereotypes and superstitious beliefs and at the same time finds pride in rather stupid things. The char log trend is spreading like wildfire and nobody really can remain untouched. While some have hoped on the trend to increase their engagement through the relatability factor, some have made it into a meme fest, presenting some of the most hilarious memes of all time. However, our personal favourite is how brands have used the trend as a marketing strategy to popularise their brand and to communicate their brand’s ideology through it. 

Char log Trend and Marketing Strategy of The Ganache

The Ganache, Just Fence, CP Veneers, and Virtual Binz are ‘four’ of our favourite brands that deal with different kinds of products that do not have a creative flair to them and yet they hopped on the ‘char log’ trend to use it effectively as a marketing strategy to promote their brand.  We absolutely love how these trends are flexible and how they can be converted for more productive benefits like a marketing strategy.

Char log Trend and Marketing Strategy of CP Veneers

That being said, some of the memes and reels from this trend are also very funny, leaving the viewers rolling on the floor laughing. The trend is not only limited to Instagram but is a favourite on Twitter as well.


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