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Daniel LaBelle is a content creator who is best known for creating short physical comedy videos with the hope of uplifting you and giving you smiles! He loves the art of non verbal communication and continues to incorporate that in his videos too. While we are on the subject of comedy. Let’s have a look at the best videos of Daniel LaBelle. Our top picks.

Daniel Labelle

Home Burglar VS. Home Owner

When you sleep through your alarm

When You Get a Bad Cold

If People Could Float to the Store

If The Paparazzi Tried to Follow Usain Bolt

If People Had Instant Butlers

If Guns Worked Like They Did In Movies

If people did things in the wrong order

“Tag You’re It”

When You Miss the Bus AND You Haven’t Finished Your Homework

How different people react when you pass them on a bike

How different people grab water during a race

If People Had One Inch Strides

How Animals Would Run if They Were People

How I Imagine Little Kids Think They Look With a Towel Cape VS. How They Really Look

If you enjoyed watching these videos then make sure to check out the YouTube channel Daniel LaBelle for more such amazing videos!