Cam Casey is a content creator who is popular for his DIY, experiment and crazy hack videos. He is also recognized by his catchy phrase “Does that actually work?” which can be heard in almost all of his videos. Casey runs a YouTube channel by the name Cam Casey which is a hub of all these videos. Let’s have a look at the best videos of Cam Casey. Our top picks.

Coke & Mentos Bottle INSIDE Balloon!

Magic Straw LIFE HACK!

This clear balloon trick can fool ANYONE!

DIY Tea Bag Firework!

How to create an INVISIBLE flame?

This towel trick even fooled me!

Catching the world’s LARGEST balloon on MY HEAD!

Extremely Satisfying Multi-Layer Balloon Pop!

You won’t believe this PEN INK EXPERIMENT!

CLEAR Coca Cola Hack?

This potato trick will SHOCK you!

Crazy Balloon SCIENCE!

DESTROYING a $300,000 Supercar PRANK!

The BEST way to eat Watermelon!


You won’t believe this cup and water trick!

This napkin trick will SHOCK you!

How to stick ANYTHING to your wall!

ICE does NOT melt in a Microwave?

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