Neel who is more commonly known as Just Neel Things (@just_neel_things) is a creator, filmmaker and an actor. He even runs a YouTube channel by the name Just Neel Things which is a hub for vlogs and other content pieces. Neel on Instagram has also been making reels which are relatable and so funny that everyone watching them will laugh their heart out. Let’s have a look at the best Instagram Reels by Just Neel Things. Our top picks.

Employees on Ganesh Chaturthi Leave

The boss is lonely. He has feelings too. Of course he is missing everyone.

How To Enter a Club Free

With Sarfare and Sonawane vahinis anything is possible. Speaking of both the vahinis, this crossover too is epic! 

Employees getting out of boss ka cabin 

Everyone bows down to the one in charge.

Every relative visit ever

Painful both literally and metaphorically. 

Dum Maro Dum

Belt and papa. Enough to explain what happens next. 

Me to my Fart 

Feel free and believe that you can fly! 

That Aashiq Friend

Some songs bring back a lot of memories. “Painful” memories. 

When client approves everything without any corrections

Some days, when everything goes right, are rare. It is fair to do a celebratory dance.

That one friend in every group 

That one friend is underrated and deserves everyone’s respect. 

When customer wastes food

There are millions of people who go to bed hungry. Please don’t waste food.

Ganesh Chaturthi