Mustard is a YouTube channel focused on exploring curious and often little known topics. The channel strives to make them entertaining by focusing on beautiful presentations, engaging narratives and sometimes a little humor too. While we are on the subject of engaging narratives. Let’s have a look at the best of Mustard. Our top picks.

A Catastrophe We’re Not Ready For: Solar Storms

We know natural storms are dangerous but something massive like a Solar Storm can cause more harm than several storms on Earth combined. Watch the video below to know about the catastrophic effect of these storms. 

What Happened To The Antarctic Snow Cruiser?

Built to withstand the extreme temperatures of the south, the Antarctic Snow Cruiser was an engineering marvel built to conquer the continent of Antarctica. But what went wrong? Watch the video to find out. 

Did The Soviets Build A Better Space Shuttle?

Surprisingly the Russians too built a space shuttle called Buran which might have been better than the American Space Shuttle. Despite being better, Buran made just one trip to space, but why? Watch the video below to find out. 

Why You Wouldn’t Want to Fly On The Soviet Concorde

We never knew that a Soviet Concorde existed let alone know the reason for not flying on it. But we would definitely like to know about it. 

Flying Cruise Ships

Giving wings to something as massive as a cruise liner would make mass transportation a lot faster. 

Why You Never Got to Fly The American Concorde

Never knew that the Concorde too had a diverse production background. Watch the video below to see what makes us not fly on an American Concorde. 

A Commercial Failure: The Dassault Mercure Story

French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation made a huge bet. The company designed its first commercial airliner, the Mercure 100, to do one thing fantastically well, fly short routes more efficiently than any other airliner.  But why was it a commercial failure? Watch the video below to find out.

The Problem With Fast Trains

Speed thrills but also comes with problems of its own. While fast trains may help one get from one place to another faster but there is a problem. Watch the video to know about it. 

This Plane Could Even Land Itself

To have a plane that could literally do everything is the perfect thing to exist but not when it’s way too ahead of its time. Watch the video below to know what happened to this aircraft.

The Fastest Train Ever Built: The SCMaglev

A look inside SCMaglev. The fastest train ever built. 

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