Nikunj Lotia aka Be YouNick is a well known creator in the digital content world. His channel Be YouNick is a hub of comedy videos, all of which have a hilarious twist in the tale for which all of us keep waiting eagerly. Creating short forms of content isn’t new to Nick as he had been creating BYN Shots on his channel way before the launch of Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. After launching his second channel, Be YouNick Vlogs (click here to know more), Nick has launched a third YouTube channel Be YouNick Shots reserved just for YouTube shorts. Needless to say, it features the funniest short videos online. Let’s have a look at the best of Be YouNick Shots. Our top picks.

When you live in World’s Tallest Building​

Forgetting things in such a tall building can be expensive on time.

​Oversmart Friends​

One needs to know that being oversmart can cost you badly and this video is proof.

​Men will be Men​

The statement holds true universally.


Timing a chance is a thousand times better than waiting for a chance.

You’re Fired!

Life hack 101​.

​How to speak fluent French!​

Smart work beats hard work and this video proves it.

​How to respond to OK!​

Taking advice from the best always helps.

​That Annoying Friend

It’s really annoying, especially when the friend doesn’t realise it himself.

​Friends with (Health) Benefits

The perfect chakhna hack does not exist….​

​When you’re Single!​

Ouch! We could feel the hurt.

​How to get your Account Verified!​

Sul is right, one must specify which account.

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