Bhuvan Bam is an actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, entrepreneur and also the man behind the glorious YouTube channel BB ki Vines. With Dhindora making the buzz all over YouTube Bhuvan’s characters have made a name for themselves in the ‘BB verse’. Perhaps one of the most underrated yet the most enjoyed characters which Bhuvan portrays is that of ‘Bubbly Sir‘ who features in the famous “Angry Masterji” episode series on BB ki Vines YouTube channel. We binged through the entire playlists to bring to you the best of Bhuvan Bam’s Angry Masterji series. Our top picks.

Angry Master ji series

Bhuvan din bhar ghar par karta kya hai? (Angry Masterji Part 1)​

​The one that kick started an epic series definitely deserves to be on our list for all the right reasons.

BB school chhod raha hai?!  (Angry Masterji Part 3)​

​Bhuvan leaving the school must be a relief for Bubbly sir right? But things are not always that simple. Watch this epic episode and stay tuned for the dramatic change of events.

Tameez se baat karo! (Angry Masterji Part 5)​

​Things can get interesting when Bancho comes to get an admission in Bubbly sir’s class. Of course in the absence of Bablooji.

Sandwich Mein Se Kancha Nikla! (Angry Masterji Part 8)​

​Watch Bubbly sir getting the best teacher’s day surprise in the most hilarious manner.

Mr Foodie (Angry Masterji Part 6)​

When the legendary Sameer ‘Foodie’ meets Bubbly sir then things can get super hilarious provided nothing goes according to the plan.

School hai ki Masterchef India?! ( Angry Masterji 10)​

​When the crowd favourite and legendary Titu mama meets Bhuvan’s teacher Bubbly sir. The crossover is worth watching.

Bubbly Sir Ki Lockdown Life! (Angry Masterji 15)​

​Lockdown life was hard and for Bubbly sir it was perhaps the hardest.

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