James Orgill, the man behind the YouTube channel “The Action Lab” also runs another channel called “Action Lab Shorts” where he gives the audience short science tidbits that are awesome! While we are on the subject of science and awesome tidbits. Let’s have a look at the best YouTube Shorts by the “Action Lab Shorts”. Our top picks.

Spherical Dice Are Weird​

Yes, with a little science you can make spherical dice. But mind you they are weird! 

​The Do Nothing Machine​

While the world thinks that doing nothing is impossible, there exists a do nothing machine which actually works! 

​Glitch In The Matrix​

If we live in a simulation then the YouTube Short below shows us the glitch in the matrix.

​Can Piranha Solution Dissolve Diamond?​

Piranhas are deadly and a diamond is the toughest. Watch what happens when a Piranha solution meets a diamond.

​Holding Plasma In My Hands​

Turns out with some science one can actually hold plasma. The YouTube Short below only proves our point. 

​Antibubbles Are Weird!​

In case you didn’t know about antibubbles, don’t worry you’re not alone. But yes after watching this short we agree that they are weird. 

​Is a Hydrophobic Knife a Perfect Murder Weapon?​

If you are wondering a Hydrophobic Knife is the answer to “how to get away with a murder?” (pun intended) then this YouTube Short is for you.

​Painting a Whole Room With The World’s Blackest Paint​

Nothing to see here (pun intended). Painting a room black makes it both weird and interesting. 

​Making an Ant Think It’s Dead​

No experiment can demonstrate getting inside someone’s head better than this one. 

​Bendable Rocks Are Weird​

We always thought rocks are solid and rigid but bendable rocks exist and they are weird, of course! 

If you enjoyed watching these fun short clips then check out “Action Lab Shorts” for more!