Raghav (@rjraghav) is a radio jockey who works with Radio City, Kanpur. He got his fame after the ‘Akashvali’ on FM Channel. Furthermore the hilarious content which he has been creating on Instagram via reels has only added to the fame apart from making him a household name. Raghav’s Instagram journey began quite casually. He simply wrote something humorous, shot a video and put it up. Surprisingly  before 2018 he was a news geek and he only started Instagram for fun. 

RJ Raghav
Source: wikilamp

While we are on the subject of having fun, let’s have a look at the best Instagram reels of RJ Raghav. Our top picks.

Thoughts Before Booking an OYO Room

Rishtedaar In Lockdown

I Just Hate Working Out

Creator’s Vaccination Struggle

HR VS Employees

When CA Met Doctor

That One Friend Who Gets Inspired After Watching a New Show

Cinema World

Practice for WTC Final

Friends and Boyfriend

The Sour Truth

Heavy Drivers

Goa Plan

The Crossover Nobody Saw Coming

Appraisal Time

Make sure you watch them all and laugh out loud!
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