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RJ Abhinav (@rjabhinavv) is a radio jockey who is also popularly known as Faad Magician. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Abhinav is one of the most promising content creators who creates reels that everyone relates to. Be it twisting an Instagram trend or childhood nostalgia, Abhinav does it all! We guarantee you that once you start watching his content, there’s no going back. While we are on the subject of fun, laughter and nostalgia. Let’s have a look at the 10 best Instagram reels of RJ Abhinav (@rjabhinavv). Our top picks.

RJ Abhinav

ICSE Vs CBSE (Inside the picnic bus)

The battle of the two boards!

Customer and Boutique Masterji

Watch what happens when an Indian tailor meets an Instagram trend.

Friend Enjoying Vs Friend Recording

Abhinav, we do feel sorry for you but even then we just cannot stop laughing!

My Sibling while I am Arguing With My Mom

What seizing the perfect opportunity looks like.

Calling Instagram Customer Care

We now think Instagram considers the call as a glitch.

Sabzi Wale Bhaiya These Days

Honestly, we wouldn’t mind buying a few bananas.

It is Raining Onions

Looks like someone is at “flight” risk.

Tell Me You Are An Indian

What do you mean toffees are not a valid currency! They are the official ‘change’ in our country. 

Where is My Soulmate?

That must have hit hard!

That One Friend In A Road Trip

We will say it again. Nobody likes a “Mr. Know it all”!

If you enjoyed watching these then make sure to check out RJ Abhinav’s Instagram (@rjabhinavv) for more!