Mohammad Zama (@zamaanaa) is a content creator who loves to act and imitate. With over half a million followers on his Instagram, Zama has been entertaining us with his comedy content that makes us nostalgic but also laugh at the relatability of his. Speaking of relatability, here are the best Instagram reels by Mohammad Zama (@zamaanaa). Our top picks.

Normal Day At School

Every 90s Kid On Friendship Day

Section D Student 

Picking Up My Best Friend From Airport 

Me After Hitting Leg Day

Taking Half Day At School Be Like

Reels Addicts Students 

Exam Cheating In Schools Be Like

Indian YouTubers In Ladakh

Boxing Practice Gone Wrong 

Worst Situation At Railway Station 

If Uday Shetty Was In “Hera Pheri”

That One Teacher In Every School

School Bunks Be Like

Driving With Indian Dad

Primary School Scam

Rainy Season Reality 

School Bomb Explosion

That One Friend In Car