Vivek Menon (@i_am_watermenon) is a film director who believes in making “content to stay content”. Vivek is a common face across several internet videos, he is also a part of the YouTube channel Be YouNick (BYN) where has directed and starred in a lot of videos. Vivek for quite sometime on his Instagram has been creating reels that have sparked laughter in all our hearts. His reels even feature his parents which only make the video sweeter and even more relatable. While we are on the subject of hilarious reels, let’s have a look at the best Instagram reels by Vivek Menon (@i_am_watermenon). Our top picks.

Me and My friends to non-veg food

Destroyed in Seconds

Kyunki Appreciation Zaroori Hai

Agla Station – Superstition

Finally got my first dose of Vaccination but…

Aadat se majboor

5 second rule gone wrong

Always mind your own business

Soulmates trend gone wrong


If Khaby Lame was an Indian

English Speaking is injurious to health

Mere Ache din kab aayenge

Ye Nainsaafi hai

Destroyed in seconds

Pawri challenge gone wrong

How I pose for pictures Mom vs Dad

Ande ka Phanda

When Recliner turns into a Gym machine

Bharosa karo par itna bhi nahi

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