Instagram finally unlocked Text Translations on Stories! Users will be able to connect to each other on a better level with the easing of the language barrier. More than 90 languages are included in the list of text translations. What better way to form a community, yeah?

With the Text Translations feature, the audience will be able to easily translate Stories in their native language. From now on whenever any foreign language appears on Instagram Stories, you will be able to translate it in a single tap.

According to Instagram’s @Creators here’s how it works:

1️⃣ ‘See Translation’ appears in the top left of the Stories Viewer when a foreign language is detected
2️⃣ Tap ‘See Translation’ to view the translation

Text Translations previously existed only for Instagram feed, profile, and comments. But now that it’s finally on Stories, it’s such a relief! Now that you know about this latest feature, do check out Instagram Shared Attention-Grabbing Stories Tips.