Punjabi singer-songwriter, Talwiinder drops his latest song ‘Unforgettable’ featuring Kritika Bharadwaj on YouTube. The actress is known for her roles in ‘Mismatched’, ‘Rashmi Rocket’, ‘Engineering Girls’, and so on. The California-based singer premiered this musical sensation on July 11, 2021, on his YouTube channel. Until now, the music video has received 25K views and 3.1K likes.

Watch ‘Unforgettable’ (Chapter 1) here:

Along with being the singer, Talwiinder was also the lyricist and composer of the song. Tundra Beats produced the music. It belongs to the production house, Silly Entertainment & Media Pvt. Ltd.Ray Haan Patni was the editor, director, and creative head. Aashish Maini was the producer, Abhishek Kadam was the executive producer, and Naezen D’Souza was the line producer. DOP was Haider Rizvi and Rizz Patni was the chief AD as well as co-editor. Tirthraj Singh of Lucia Studioz was behind the post-production.

You can watch the hair raising trailer of ‘Unforgettable’ here:

The actual music video seems to be a stark contrast from the trailer. For now, we can only wait for the other music videos to be released from the ‘Unforgettable’ series. Till then, have a peek at some still shots from the song.

Here’s Kritika sharing some of her screengrabs:

Have a look at Talwiinder’s snaps:

‘Unforgettable’ is on a whole new level that will stay in your mind like a loop. Talwiinder did a fantastic job with the lyrics and singing. It was pure perfection. This song is really what the title says, “unforgettable”. Kritika did a wonderful job in acting too. She aced it!  Now, go and vibe on this beautiful and soothing track. Trust me, it’s so amazing that y’all will love it!