Sydney Sweeney a popular face in the entertainment industry, known for her roles in shows like Euphoria, and Anyone But You, recently found herself at the centre of attention after a social media user falsely claimed to have been her dietitian for five years. The incident that occurred on February 19 involved a now-deleted Instagram reel where the Instagram user claimed to have shared dietary advice that helped Sweeney get her dream body which in turn helped her get the perfect roles.

Sydney Sweeney calls out liar on her Instagram reel

Sweeney’s Response

Upon discovering the misleading post, Sweeney immediately responded, discrediting the claim and stating that she is unfamiliar with the individual who claimed to be her dietician. Her straightforward reply, “I don’t know you and Kraft mac and cheese is for life,” garnered praise from fans and followers for its honesty and clarity.

Sydney Sweeney calls out a dietician on her now deleted Instagram reel

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Fan Reactions

Fans applauded Sweeney’s direct approach, expressing gratitude for her refusal to let such false claims go unchallenged. They noted the increasing difficulty for individuals to deceive celebrities online, given their active presence on social media platforms. The incident sparked discussions about the importance of celebrities addressing misinformation and deceptive practices.

Sweeney’s Food Preferences

In a previous interview with Bustle, Sweeney shared insights into her dietary habits and favourite foods. She preferred water over coffee and disclosed her indulgence in ice cream during her leisure time. Her specific ice cream order, featuring a waffle cone with chocolate, rainbow sugar ice cream, and gummy bears, won her praises. 

Sydney Sweeney’s response to false claims of a dietitian relationship highlights her commitment to being honest to her fans and also showcases her commitment to exposing fraudsters. Fans rallied behind her, emphasising the significance of celebrities addressing misinformation in the digital age.