Swagger Sharma recently launched the second season of ‘Lockdown with my Crush,’ which has already received millions of views. The first season was released a year ago, generating excitement and anticipation for the second season. The story of the lockdown began with a pleasant and entertaining season that encompassed the foundation of the characters. Shivam has previously released two series, ‘Meri IIT Vali g.f.’ and ‘Live in with Gharvali & Bharvali.’ And today, we’re talking about Swagger Sharma’s S2, E2 of ‘Lockdown with my Crush,’ which has racked up a massive amount of views in just one week.

The second episode explores themes of brotherhood, friendship, love, drama, and twists, as well as a variety of other interesting elements that will keep you interested. Even though he loves Akanksha, Shivam appears to hold back and be with Rinni. While the drama unfolds between the two, Bhoola, a creepy character who brings humour, is around. Another humorous moment is when the landlord arrives to collect rent and discovers a group of people. Although, the continuous comedy of Rinni’s English, of course, takes the cake!

The highlight of the video for me was when Shivam and Dharam talk about women going through menstruation. It is such a beautiful scene! So, will Akanksha and Shivam end up together? What is holding Shivam back? Why is Rinni involved in the picture? To answer all of these questions, tap the video and watch right away!

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