Spotify has joined the Live Audio Space by launching its own Live Audio app Spotify Greenroom.
According to Spotify:
Greenroom is a new social audio app from Spotify that lets you host and participate in live discussions. Through virtual rooms you can listen and talk about the things you love with artists and fans with similar interests.

Greenroom offers the following features:
(Source: Spotify

Listen and talk live

Talk about the music you love. Debate fantasy sports picks. Create rooms for your friends. Be heard on your favorite topics.

Unique live rooms

On Greenroom you’ll find conversations with top artists, athletes, and people in the know. Preview upcoming rooms and add them to your calendar so you don’t miss out.

Find your people

Browse groups on any subject, from teams to bands to topics that have the world talking. Select your topics and we’ll notify you about rooms you can join.

Be your own creator

It’s easy to create Live Rooms and start your own conversations about any topic. Select a group and start the conversation, then see who tunes in.

Greenroom also has “Gems” which is a way of liking something a speaker says. Whenever a speaker says something fascinating users can double tap on their profile to give them a gem. The Greenroom app is already available in  most countries on Google Play Store (for Android users) or on Apple App Store (for iOS users) and it is absolutely Free! 
Click Here to visit the official website.