Many of us are passionate towards things but not many have the courage to pursue our hobbies as career choice. Sonali Bhadauria is one of the few, who showed immense faith in her talent. Leaving behind her well paying job at Infosys, she took the leap of faith to pursue her love for dance. Today, she is one of most notable choreographer and content creators in the world of dance. Her expressions, her graceful movements and her off the charts energy, make her treat to watch. Experience Sonali’s magic live at the Social Nation Festival 2024 and we promise you, you cannot keep yourself from moving and grooving. 

Sonali Bhadauria at Social Nation Festival 2024

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Sonali Bhadauria- From An Engineer To A Dancer 

After completing her graduation in the booming field of Software Engineering, Sonali started working with the reputed Infosys. Even while working in the technical field, Sonali did not give up on her creative side and joined the dance group at Infosys called the ‘Crazy Legs.’ She then started her wedding choreography venture ‘LiveToDance’ where she received immense love and was advised to start her YouTube channel.

Since then, Sonali Bhadauria has been consistent in her content creation journey and is about to the 1 million mark on her Instagram account. Her dance videos are a viral sensation amassing millions of views. From coding to dancing, today Sonali Bhadauria is a phenomenon and you get an exclusive chance to witness this phenomenon in real life at the Social Nation Festival 2024. 

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Social Nation Festival 2024

Get ready to witness the Sonali Bhadauria energy hit the stage at the Social Nation Festival 2024! Hailing from technical field, this Dancing sensation promises to leave you speechless with her rhythm. Join the excitement at the Jio World Garden, Mumbai, where the biggest creators from around the world will converge for two days of unparalleled entertainment.

As the anticipation builds for Social Nation Festival 2024, one thing is certain: with exciting the lineup, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the chance to witness the electrifying performances of the biggest creators at Asia’s Largest Creators Festival and be part of history in the making.