The Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, recently visited the city of Dwarka, one that has deep religious significance. Marked by a scuba dive into the Arabian Sea and the inauguration of the Sudarshan Setu, the trip has ignited a flurry of discussions on social media platforms. While the event itself drew attention for its symbolic significance and infrastructural developments, its reactions on social media have added another layer to the discourse.

Social Media Reacts to PM Narendra Modi's Scuba Dive In Dwarka

PM Modi’s Underwater Homage

PM Modi’s scuba dive for Dwarka Darshan has captured the imagination of social media users across the globe. The Prime Minister’s immersion into the depths of the Arabian Sea, offering peacock feathers and meditating on the sea bed, has been hailed by some as a powerful tribute to the ancient submerged city, known for its significance in Hindu mythology. His tweet describing the experience as ‘divine‘ resonated with many devotees, who admired his dedication to preserving cultural heritage.

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Social Media Reactions

However, not all reactions to PM Modi’s underwater expedition were positive. Social media platforms buzzed with a mix of admiration and criticism. While some lauded his commitment to spiritual exploration and cultural heritage and pointed at the ‘Red Carpet’ laid out in the sea bed for the Prime Minister, others questioned the motives behind the high-profile event. References to fictional characters like Aquaman and sarcasm about the wastage of tax payer’s money for the PM’s visit added a touch of humour to the online conversation.

Political Satire and Opposition Critique

Opposition figures seized the opportunity to critique PM Modi’s underwater venture, with jibes questioning the necessity and sincerity of the dive. Pawan Khera’s quip about “Kaalin Bhaiya” inside the ocean subtly mocked the PM’s actions, reflecting the ongoing political rivalry and satire extending to the realms of social media platforms.

Taxpayer Money and Spiritual Campaigns

Another point of contention raised on social media was the perceived expenditure of taxpayer money on what some deemed as a ‘spiritual campaign.’ Critics argued that such ventures catered to specific vote banks and questioned the allocation of resources in a country facing various socio-economic challenges.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dive into Dwarka has sparked a lively debate on social media platforms. While some hailed it as a gesture of reverence and cultural preservation, others viewed it through a lens of political scepticism and financial scrutiny. The diverse range of opinions and reactions on social media reflects the complexity of Indian society and the role of digital platforms in shaping public discourse.