Sumaiyya Munir Malik, a 24-year-old social media influencer, has been arrested by Bangur Nagar police on accusations of stealing her followers’ cell phones. The arrest came two months after an alleged theft incident involving an expensive phone belonging to a 27-year-old relationship manager from Thane. The man initially met Malik on Instagram and eventually planned on meeting at a Malad West mall, where the said theft took place.

Social media influencer arrested for stealing phones of her followers

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The Incident

During their meeting, Sumaiyya Malik arrived with a female friend, but an argument led the friend to leave abruptly. Jumping into the situation, Malik disappeared with the complainant’s OnePlus phone valued at ₹35,000, claiming to make a call but vanishing instead. Subsequently, the man made an attempt to reach her which proved to be futile as the phone remained switched off. As a result, the complainant reported the theft to the police.

Police Investigation and Arrest

Under the guidance of senior official PSI Mahesh Kendre and a team of officers, an investigation commenced. CCTV footage showed Malik boarding an auto-rickshaw, but initial efforts to trace her were unsuccessful. However, the missing phone details were uploaded to the CEIR website, which enables the police to track it if a new SIM card was inserted.

Social media influencer seen walking out of the mall after stealing phones

Despite the challenges posed because of Malik wearing a burqa, she was finally apprehended in the Malwani area of Malad. Admitting to the theft, she was found in possession of another phone obtained through similar tactics. She now faces charges under sections 406, 420, and 34 of the IPC and has been remanded to police custody after appearing in court.

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Influencer’s Modus Operandi

Malik confessed to creating multiple fake identities on Instagram to boost her followers using attractive photos unrelated to her real self. When questioned about her female friend, she claimed she had very limited knowledge and was only asserting her after their recent acquaintance.

Social media influencer arrested for stealing follower's phone

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This case sheds light on the darker side of social media influence, where individuals resort to deceptive tactics for personal gain. Malik’s alleged actions not only betrayed the trust of her followers but also led to criminal charges against her. This case highlights the importance of vigilance and caution in online interactions and being wary of misleading individuals on social platforms.