In the world of social media, creators reign supreme and are no less than superstars. They earn their fame through their talent but it is their follower count that puts them on a high pedestal. Ever imagined what happens when these Creators or Influencers as we call them commonly, lose their followers and have to start afresh? Before you run the horses in your head, let us clarify it for you all.  Netflix has announced a groundbreaking game show that turns the spotlight on the ever-charismatic influencers. “Social Currency” is a captivating series that brings together eight renowned online personalities, pitting them against one another in a battle of likes, shares and digital prowess. 

The Social Currency

Netflix’s latest game show revolves around the lives of eight creators who leave behind their loaded Instagram and create separate accounts to earn themselves a new set of followers. While they continue to create content like they previously did, the only difference will be that they will not have the soft cushioning of a large number of followers like before.

Social Currency is created by Fazila Allana, Kamna Menezes, Sanvari Alagh Nair, Meghana Badola, Chad Greulach and will stream on the OTT giant Netflix from 22nd June, 2023. Going by the initial look of the game series, much like Big Boss, the participants will be living together on a luxurious property and will be given tasks related to social media and stardom. The game series has famous creators such as Rowhi Rai, Mridul Madhok, Sakshi Sagar Chopra, Vagmita Singh, Ruhi Dilip Singh, Aakash Mehta, Bhavin Ashwin Bhanushali, and Parth Samthaan.

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Social Currency On Netflix Will Determine the Ultimate Influencer


With its tantalising challenges, unexpected alliances, and the grand finale, this game show promises to be a rollercoaster ride of entertainment and enlightenment. Through these, it aims to find the “Ultimate Influencer” who emerges as the Ace card in a deck of influencers. 

What do we expect from the game show?

Challenges that Defy Expectations

From the moment the curtain rises, the influencers will be thrown into a whirlwind of challenges designed to push their boundaries and reveal their true influence. Gone are the days of simple photo shoots and unboxing videos. Instead, they face trials that test their adaptability, originality, and ability to engage audiences on a whole new level. 

Alliances and Unexpected Collaborations

In the world of Creators, it’s not uncommon for egos to clash, but the Social Currency might take a different approach. Viewers might witness surprising partnerships forming, as creators from different niches join forces, combining their expertise and fan bases to create a force that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Navigating the Maze of Authenticity

Influencers are often accused of promoting an unrealistic version of reality. However, Social Currency challenges this notion head-on. The game show will delve into the core of authenticity, encouraging creators to showcase their true selves. Whether or not they will reveal their vulnerabilities, share personal stories, or discuss the challenges they’ve faced on their journeys, the show aims to humanise these digital icons and foster a deeper connection.

The Grand Finale: Determining the Ultimate Influencer

As the competition intensifies, the show builds up to its grand finale, where the remaining influencers go head-to-head in the ultimate challenge. The pressure will get palpable as they strive to captivate both their fellow contestants and a social media audience, all while staying true to their unique styles. Only one creator will emerge victorious, claiming the coveted title of the “Ultimate Influencer” and leaving an indelible mark on the world of social media.

A separate social world

For Social Currency, these eight creators have started a different Instagram account. Their names follow the prefix ‘social currency.’ While it’s them, their following is only a quarter of their original Instagram accounts. With sheer talent they are expected to build their empires of “likes” both on screen and off screen. We are thrilled to be able to perform this unimaginable task!

Social Currency on Netflix is a step to prove that creators are more than mere trendsetters or advertisers. This thrilling game show invites viewers to witness the complexity, creativity, and influence these online personalities wield. As the influencers embrace new challenges, form unexpected alliances, and discover the power of authenticity, they inspire a generation to question their digital footprints and embrace their unique voices. 

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do it now!