Snapchat is exploring a new potential monetization pathway, via a new subscription service called ‘Snapchat+’ which would give users access to a range of exclusive and experimental app features and tools. The subscription feature, which Snaps said is being tested internally.

Snapchat a photo messaging app is testing a new subscription service called Snapchat+ that would give subscribers access to exclusive and pre-release features. Snapchat+ would cost 4.59 euros for a one-month subscription or 45.99 euros for one year, with a discount for those who subscribe to a semi-annual or annual plan. according to screenshots that Paluzzi has posted on Twitter.

As you can see below, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat+ would come with variable payment tiers, with a free, one-week trial option as well, enabling you to test out what’s on offer via the service.

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More and more apps are changing their business model to subscriptions in an attempt to have a recurring source of profit. This time, it seems that Snapchat will be the next platform to introduce a paid subscription called “Snapchat Plus” which offers exclusive features to users.

While Snap hasn’t provided details on what these exclusive features will be, Paluzzi’s findings reveal that subscribers will be able to pin friends to the top of their list, gain access to exclusive icons, show a special badge on their profile, and also see how many friends have rewatched their Stories.

Benefits of Snapchat+, if any?

Snapchat is a more personally-aligned app, with users having a strong affiliation with the platform for their private messaging and interaction purposes. Take, for example, the popularity of Snap streaks, which see users working to keep their daily interactions alive, sometimes at all costs, which shows that Snap users have an arguably more compelling connection with Snapchat as their app of choice.

Source: Social Media Today

At present, in this early iteration, that offering includes:

  • Access to exclusive Snapchat icons
  • A new profile badge to show that you’re a Snapchat+ user
  • New data insights, including the capacity to see your friends’ location history (over the last 24 hours) and info on who’s rewatched your Story
  • The capacity to pin a user in the app as ‘your #1 best friend’