According to Snapchat Blog, they are now introducing a few new audio elements, including suggested audio clips for Lenses and sound synchronization for video and picture montages.

The use of audio has significantly increased among content creators, giving all apps more opportunities to incorporate audio elements that have increased interaction and given posts a different angle.

“When applying a Lens to a photo or video, Snapchatters can tap the Sounds icon to access a list of relevant sounds to add to a snap.”

Snapchat new feature

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A new sound icon will now be visible when you make your snap, as seen in the image below. The first component will draw attention to relevant audio that corresponds to Snaps where a Lens is being introduced.

This might be a simple method to incorporate thematic sounds based on usage patterns and traits into your creations. While this is going on, sound sync will make it simpler to make montage videos from your pictures.

When using sound sync, clips are instantly synchronized to the beat of the audio track you select, which is based on clips from Snap’s Sounds Library. “Snapchatters can select between 4-20 photos/videos from their camera roll for their montage clips.”


Snapchat is in a unique position to take advantage of this change and align itself with popular audio experiences because more than 70% of its users already use its AR tools on a daily basis. Additionally, sound sync may open up new ways for businesses to use still assets to produce better-looking Snaps.

Sounds Recommendations for Lenses is already available in the US and will soon be available everywhere.