Snapchat has rolled out a new type of Shopping Lens so users can easily swipe through multiple products in one place. Witnessing an immense amount of traction for shopping through AR lenses within the app, Snapchat is adapting to the ways consumers shop online.

From clothing and accessories to makeup and shoes — Snap’s Lenses aim to make the user shopping experience more personal, accessible, and fun through augmented reality. In an official blog, Snapchat has claimed that Snapchatters love trying on, browsing, and shopping for products using Snap’s Camera.

With thousands of products to check out virtually, Snapchatters can express their style, try-on digital versions of real-life products, click through to purchase them, and even share their shopping adventures with friends. An interesting fact states that Snapchatters are now engaging with AR more than 6 billion times per day, and 93% of them are interested in using AR for shopping.

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With the latest lenses, users will see details on pricing, color, sizing, and similar items, right from the retailer. Lenses from Ulta Beauty & MAC Cosmetics are the first to use this new capability and in the coming months, Snapchatters will be able to shop using even more of these Lenses made by brands they love.

Source: Snapchat

The platform hopes that Snapchatters have fun trying these products on for size and sharing Snaps with friends for a final say on their looks