The trending and viral content is most often the one that gets you a laugh. Content creators all over the world are trying for that one laugh from their viewers. Some fail, and some win in a way, that all of their content makes you laugh! A GenZ in age yet a creator who will make the content relatable for age groups of people who are millennials too- that’s Dhiraj Sanap for you.

Dhiraj Sanap
Dhiraj Sanap

In a conversation with Social Nation, the content creator who has not a few, but many reels that are going viral with a million views, Dhiraj gave us an insight into his journey to this viral reel story and more.

How did you start your content creation journey?

I had planned to post on YouTube in 2019, but I didn’t have access to the necessary production, such as the camera, accessories, and other equipment. Then, in the 2020 lockdown, Instagram introduced reels, and we thought, we’re funny, we have a platform, so why not start posting? So we started posting on Instagram, and within a month, I had 10,000 followers, which was incredible. I had no expectations of earning money from this platform at the time. I started it because the idea was entertaining, and then I realized it could be a full-time job.

The creator is often seen doing collaborations with other content creators. Here’s what his opinion is when asked if it is beneficial to him.

As a content creator, you have been making content in collaboration with other creators. How do collaborations work better from a content point of view? 

Collaborations are beneficial, but not always. Simply put, it gives you more exposure because you are displayed on another profile or someone else is displayed on yours. However, the decision to follow or not is ultimately up to the audience.

The audience will follow me if they enjoy my content, and they will follow my friends if they enjoy their stuff. The audience does get to witness a new face and something different than what they typically see with collaborations.

What kind of content do you consume over social media the most?

I’ve stopped watching series, reels, and sketches because I get inspiration from them, and I don’t want to do that right now while I’m working on and concentrating on creating more original content that is special to me. I wish to develop my own original ideas and write my own stories.

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Dhiraj has been making content with fellow creators for some time now but the artist is now also making content with Bollywood celebrities.

What has been your best experience working with celebrities? 

I’ve worked with actors like Rajpal Sir and Sanjay Mishra Sir, and both of them were very involved in the creation of the content. They had fantastic suggestions for camera angles and jokes. They were a pleasure to work with, and we had wonderful chats.

Although playing in the major leagues, they were so down-to-earth and humble. Working with them was a truly rewarding experience.

Do you think Instagram content has a lot of influence over people now? Why and how?

Sure, Instagram is influential, but I think there will soon be a saturation point, perhaps in a few years. Both long-format content and Youtube shorts, in my opinion, have a lot of growth potential.

He posts his reels on YouTube shorts and has subscribers of over 300K+.

What keeps you motivated to keep making content? 

People text me to thank me for making them laugh when they’ve had a rough day, and that’s what inspires me to create good content. When I go out, people recognize me, and they click pictures and that makes me happy. 

Do you have a dream collaboration to do and who is it and why?

I wish to share the screen with legends like Pankaj Tripathi Sir and Manoj Bajpayee Sir. For the past ten years, they have served as my motivation. I keep watching their films, including Gangs of Wasseypur, Satya, and other works of Anurag Kashyap Sir and I love them. So, I do wish to collaborate with these icons at least once during my career.