If you are a social media buff, you would know how brands play well with social media these days. Making topical and relatable content is the need of the hour and some know how to go about it very well.

Businesses may now communicate with their clients through social media, market their goods and services, and foster brand loyalty. Several businesses have used social media very well, building loyal followings and high levels of interaction on websites like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


India-based credit card bill-paying software CRED has created a distinctive social media strategy that prioritizes comedy, innovation, and interesting content. In addition to encouraging proper credit card use, the company’s social media strategy aims to amuse and engage its users. The social media pages for CRED include a variety of memes, amusing videos, and relatable posts on using credit cards, managing personal finances, and popular culture.

The credit card company has a private Instagram account, and you’ve to be on their followers list to know what’s the latest update from the company.

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The business also utilizes social media to advertise its rewards program, which grants consumers benefits and discounts in exchange for using its app to pay their credit card bills. CRED has developed a strong social media presence that has helped set it apart from other financial services organizations through its emphasis on comedy and interesting content.


Although Bumble is mostly used for dating, it also provides alternatives for meeting friends and networking professionally. Bumble is well-known on social media, with a significant following on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

The company’s social media strategy is to highlight users’ stories, promote topical-conscious events and initiatives, and advance its brand theme of female empowerment and inclusivity. Bumble uses social media platforms to interact with its users, respond to criticism, and offer customer service.

Bumble has developed a devoted social media following and established a reputation as a company with a strong social conscience because to its focus on empowering women and championing social concerns.


A cultural phenomenon, Netflix is a streaming service that has developed a significant social media following. The company uses social media to promote its unique content, interact with fans, and take part in pop cultural discussions. On Twitter, where it routinely shares memes, funny commentary, and content promoting its shows and films, Netflix has an especially strong presence.

Instagram is another platform the business utilizes to distribute user-generated content, promotional photographs, and behind-the-scenes looks at its productions.

Because of its hilarious and irreverent tone, Netflix’s social media profiles have become well-known and have helped the company engage with younger people and develop a devoted following.

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Mumbai Police

The police force in charge of upholding peace and order in Mumbai, India, is known as the Mumbai Police. The department uses a combination of comedy, pop culture allusions, and public safety messaging to maintain a strong social media presence. The main goal of the Mumbai Police’s social media strategy is to increase public safety while also interacting with residents in a friendly and relatable way.

The department promotes awareness campaigns, shares safety advice, and draws attention to its work to keep the city safe via social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The clever and hilarious tone of the Mumbai Police’s social media pages has become well-known, and this has helped the agency engage with the public and foster goodwill in the neighborhood.

Mumbai Police has been using social media in this manner and winning people’s hearts with content and service.

Swiggy Instamart

An Indian food delivery service called Swiggy uses social media to build its brand and interact with its users. The company’s social media approach Swiggy Instamart is focused on emphasizing its ties with food sellers as well as advertising its meal delivery services.

Swiggy engages with customers by answering their queries and reacting to their opinions on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, where it also shares pictures of mouthwatering cuisine, and advertises discounts and special deals. Also, the firm promotes social causes and programs on social media, like helping out neighborhood businesses and cutting down on food waste. With a focus on advancing local food culture and interacting personally and authentically with customers.


Spotify, a music streaming service, has developed a significant social media following by emphasizing user-generated content and customization. The company’s social media approach is focused on highlighting user-generated content, promoting its curated playlists, and interacting with its consumers. On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, Spotify promotes its own curated playlists that are catered to particular moods, genres, and events while also sharing playlists made by celebrities, influencers, and other prominent figures.

In order to foster a sense of community and involvement among users, Spotify also invites them to contribute their own playlists and music recommendations on social media. Additionally, Spotify advertises its own content, like podcasts and unique music releases, on social media.

These are just a few instances of companies that have used social media to communicate with their audience and grow big followings. These businesses have excelled in the field of digital marketing by producing captivating content, building a strong brand identity, and engaging with clients on social media in a genuine and personal way.