It is one of those days where the Instagram algorithm introduces us to a profile that is both inspiring and entertaining. Sirisha Bandla, a pioneering figure in the field of aerospace engineering, has made significant strides in space exploration and captured the hearts of people worldwide after her short but significant ride to space. She became a name that was repeated over and over again in the media but inevitably fizzled from our TV screens, until today, as we found her again, on Instagram! From her groundbreaking journey to space to her engaging presence on social media, Sirisha Bandla has surely made her presence felt.

Sirisha Bandla: An Aerospace explorer and Instagram star

Sirisha’s Groundbreaking Work in Aerospace Engineering

As an aeronautical engineer and the Vice President of Government Affairs and Research Operations at Virgin Galactic, Bandla has been at the forefront of innovative research and development in commercial spaceflight. Her expertise and dedication have played a vital role in advancing the capabilities of Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft and expanding access to space for civilians.

Space Travel: A Historic Journey

In July 2021, Sirisha Bandla etched her name in history as she embarked on Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 spaceflight, becoming only the fourth person of Indian origin and the third Indian woman to venture beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. This monumental achievement not only showcased her technical abilities but also symbolised a triumph of human ingenuity and determination.

Sirisha Bandla, the Aerospace explorer is a Instagram star


During the Unity 22 mission, Bandla conducted groundbreaking experiments in microgravity, shedding light on the effects of space travel on biological organisms. Her contributions to scientific research in space have opened new avenues for exploration and paved the way for future discoveries.

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Instagram: A Glimpse into her Life

Beyond her professional achievements, Sirisha Bandla’s Instagram feed is a fun window into her life as she shares captivating glimpses from outside the realm of aerospace engineering. With a blend of charming selfies, breathtaking travel photos, and candid moments, Bandla shares her adventures and experiences with her followers, inviting them to join her on her journey.

Her Instagram bio proudly proclaims her status as the third Indian woman to go to space, reflecting her pride in her heritage and her groundbreaking accomplishment. Through her posts, Bandla highlights her love for travel, exploration, and adventure, inspiring others to embrace curiosity and pursue their passions. 

She also shares pictures from her space travel days and gives a little sneak-peek into the behind the scenes of her work, which is particularly interesting. Space exploration is a complex process and most often, agencies and governments maintain confidentiality around it. Therefore, Sirisha Bandla’s posts are a refreshing change showing the chaos and the excitement that surrounds the aeronautical industry.

Bandla’s engaging presence on social media serves as a reminder of the human side of space exploration, showcasing the excitement, wonder, and joy that accompany scientific discovery.Sirisha Bandla’s journey from aeronautical engineer to space explorer exemplifies the spirit of exploration and innovation that defines humanity’s quest to reach the stars. Through her groundbreaking work in aerospace engineering, her historic journey to space, and her engaging presence on social media, Bandla continues to inspire and captivate people of all ages, leaving an indelible mark on the history. Join us as we dive into Sirisha’s cool instagram account learning a few poses for our next vacay.