Shivani Bafna, known for creating great content involving her family is an Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Ex Bollywood Host, and Founder of Behind Every Dream & BFN Agency.  She has 227K followers on Instagram and 109K subscribers on YouTube. She always tries to experiment with new things and having experienced the whole influencer journey herself, she understands every struggle of it. Thus, she has started the #BehindEveryInfluencer series! Just five days ago, she dropped her first video announcing the news.

In this video, she explained influencer marketing simply and clearly. Her motive behind speaking in Hindi was to help old people digest the information easily. On the eve of completing a year as being a full-time influencer, she began her series. Here’s what she stated, “Today marks ONE year of 1. doing this influencer thing full time and 2. trying to figure how I was gonna make a legit income from this! 

And to celebrate this journey (which I have a long loooong way to go), kicking off the #BehindEveryInfluencer series. As with any goal of mine, it’s been 10 fold more important to me to share the behind the scenes of what worked and what didn’t, so we can continue to grow together.”

In her second video from the #BehindEveryInfluencer series, Shivani shared valuable information on how to grab brand partnerships. Even with a great number of followers, many influencers go unnoticed because brands receive infinite DMs and emails. So, her strategy was to get hold of the Social Media Manager or whoever handles influencers of the particular brand on LinkedIn and mail them ready-made work mail consisting of pitch and media kit. Shivani used a paid version of Rocket Reach to generate the emails. Lastly, always keep a track of brands that you’ve approached through an Excel sheet. 

Isn’t she doing such a wonderful job of influencing others? I must say her ideas are very helpful! With this new series, a lot of influencers will get the opportunity of getting brand partnerships. But always remember patience is the key! Every fruitful deal is worth the wait!