Sejal Kumar is a well known social media celebrity who hails from New Delhi. From starting her digital journey in 2014 via YouTube till today, Sejal has made a name for herself in the field and has added several feathers to her cap with numerous laurels and honours. Sejal who is primarily known for her content around lifestyle and fashion has been conferred with awards like the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards and Instagrammer of the Year for Fashion.

Expanding her digital frontiers Sejal is now ready to reintroduce herself as a music artist with her latest track “INFLUENCE

Sejal Kumar

Influence will be Sejal’s third music video on her channel. The previous two being ‘Aisi Hun‘ (as part of Global movement for Girls’ Education with Michelle Obama, for ‘Creators for Change’, supported by UNICEF) and ‘Khali Khali‘. This new track will be her first English single. Sejal who has years of singing and training in western vocals considers her latest song very dear to her heart.

Sharing the teaser ahead of the release, on her Instagram, Sejal wrote. “I’ve been working on this huge project that I’ve been itching to do for so long! Music has been a huge part of my life and it’s always been a dream to release my own music, write songs and say what I feel through music and create a sound that I love! I finally have the courage to share that with you, I’ve been working on this EP for a year now and I hope you like my new songs! here’s to YOLO in life 🌸”

Influence is about Sejal speaking her mind out and her thoughts on the social world we all are a part of. Influence speaks about the doubts that one has about not being” good enough” when compared to the profiles of rich and highly glorified people on social media. The song is something that Sejal has been wanting to do for a long time and she has been working on making it happen for over a year!

The song includes sarcastic lyrics, up beat music and modern pop sound making it very catchy and a peppy track. Written by Sejal Kumar & Natania Lalwani and produced by Austin Armstrong, the music video for Influence can be watched below.