From the dawn of time, love has been a driving force behind the poetry of romantics, the inspiration of artists, and the subject of countless tales, both epic and intimate. It is a force that transcends cultural boundaries, societal norms, and even time itself, touching the lives of all who dare to embrace its captivating magic. One such couple who went through a whirlwind for their love is Sarah Hussain, popularly known as Zingy Zest, and Saurav Nagar

While Sarah is a food blogger who thrives on experimenting with different ingredients creating a plethora of food options, Saurav wins the internet with his travel, fashion and lifestyle content. What binds these people who come from different parts of the same world, is the profound love they share. As they are only a few steps away from sealing their love forever, we spoke to Saurav Nagar about his relationship, their big day and everything in between. Presenting the conversation that would put any romantic novel to shame. 

SN: Congratulations!! Before we start asking questions about the big day, can you please tell us a little bit about the first meeting? How did you guys meet?

Saurav: We met in college. When I talked to Sarah for the first time I felt an instant connection and knew this is the girl I want to marry. I was so sure about this even before she knew my name properly

Saurav Nagar and Sarah Hussain

SN: What was that moment when both of you realised that this relationship is meant to be forever?

Saurav: When Sarah went to Canada for higher studies, everyone told us long distance relationships don’t last. We made that work; I used to wake up early to talk to her before she went to bed and we realised good communication is all that is needed to make any relationship work. When she came back from Canada, I knew our relationship was meant forever.

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SN: Every relationship has its set of challenges, can you tell us a little about that and how you guys overcame them?

Saurav: I feel the challenges only erupt when the communication is not strong. Sarah and I make it a point to discuss everything. If someone is hurt or someone is angry, we give them the space to express it. It may lead to a small-term fight, but it’s always better for the long term.

SN: What was it like to work together while dating?

Saurav: Working together while dating is a task. Work-life and personal life go for a toss, especially during the festival time when work is in full swing, but taking out time for each other and giving little surprises is all it takes to make it work. 

SN: Now, to the exciting bit, we’ve seen Sarah’s proposal at your college. Can you tell us more about how she planned the day and the surprise?

Saurav: Sarah’s proposal was totally unexpected for me. Honestly, I didn’t even know girls also propose. Sarah being Sarah, and fully believing in equality did propose to me. It was a beautiful feeling!

SN: When is the wedding? Please share if you guys are planning on a wedding hashtag.

Saurav: The wedding is in this year itself. The wedding hashtag is #ZingyKiShaadi

SN: Can you share more about the outfits and ceremonies that are planned?

Saurav: There will be a court marriage first because our marriage needs to be registered under the Special Marriage Act. Later we plan on celebrating our wedding with our close friends.

Sarah Hussain and Saurav Nagar are soon getting married


SN: What does the future hold in terms of collaborations? Any big plans that your audience can expect?

Saurav: We will always focus on creating more and more content for our audience that is useful to them.

SN: Lastly, one line that best describes your journey from ‘Maybe’ to ‘I Do’.

Saurav: It was never a ‘maybe’ from my side. For me, it was always Sarah or nothing.

BRB, shedding some happy tears. Through the chapters of this journey called life, we wish Sarah and Saurav to traverse the landscapes of love’s emotions, witnessing the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows, and the unyielding determination of love to endure against all odds. 

P.S. We cannot wait for the wedding pictures to spam our feeds.